• First prize in the 9th “Tokyo International Competition for Chamber Music Composition”, Tokyo (Japan) 2005
  • First prize (Médaille d’or) in the Grand Concours International 2006 de l’Académie internationale de Lutèce, Paris (France) 2006
  • Second prize in the International Competition “Angoulême 2005 – comité de lecture de basson”, Angoulême (France) 2005
  • Second prize in the “Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award” held by the University of Illinois (USA) 2005
  • Second prize (first prize not assigned) in the International Competition "Don Vincenzo Vitti", Castellana Grotte (Italy, 2011)
  • Special mention in the “2005 Ibla Grand Prize”, Ragusa - New York (Italy – USA) 2005


Piccolo (+ alto flute), E-flat clarinet, bassoon, viola, cello



  • World premiere: radio broadcast RAI - Programmazione FVG, September 22nd 2004 - Taukayensemble, cond. Paolo Longo
  • Concert premiere: Tricesimo, auditorium Garzoni, December 30th 2004 - Taukayensemble, cond. Paolo Longo
  • USA premiere: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, November 2nd 2005, (IL – USA) - University of Illinois New Music Ensemble, cond. Susan Rice


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